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Hertha Camnitzer wrote from Lodz Ghetto on 7/12/1941-Request has not taken place
to Firma Emil Lehman & Dr. Weidel Berlin
record number 3

Postcard to the family written 2/1/1942 never delivered
cannot decipher properly
record number 2

Written 7/1/1941 never posted
Cannot read it
record number 4

written 2/1/1942
Sz. Freulich - Szymon Frenkel
record number 5

Lodz Ghetto 1/5/ 1942
W. Grossman Arbeitslager Posen From sisters Esther Ajzyk, Dora &Lusia
record number 6

Lodz Ghetto 1/5/1942
Grossmann Arbeitslager Posen-Willi in Juden Arbeitslager Posen
record number 7

Lodz Ghetto 3/1/1942 to her son & brother
J.J.Frenkel Juden Arbeitslager Posen
record number 8

Lodz Ghetto 3/1/1942 Chana Flaks to
Artur Flaks Lager-Besatzung
record number 9

Lodz Ghetto 25/12/1942 Nadeira Freilich from Lodzer Ghetto to husband
Aronowicz Hersz - Hersz Aronowicz K.Z.L.Flossenburg
record number 10

K.Z.L. cannot read it to
A. Fyszof Lodz ghetto
record number 11

Lodz Ghetto Pola Swierczewska
M. Rolnik Gowarczow Pow. Konskie - Mina Rolnik
record number 12

Lodz Ghetto Chana Finkielsztejn to her son
Lejb Finkielsztein in Liebenau K.Z.L.
record number 13

Lodz Ghetto 3/1/1942 from R. Frydmann to her son
Ch. Frydmann R.H.B. Lager
record number 14

Sz. Frenkiel in Lodz Ghetto
record number 15

Lodz Ghetto Itta Fiszer 4/1/1942 to her husband
Sz.H. Fiszer Posen Juden Arbeits Lager
record number 16

Lodz Ghetto Paula Meyer
Herr & Frau Max Rosenblum
record number 17

Lodz Ghetto Max Cohn to their children
Felix Lowenthal - Max Lowenthal Berlin
record number 18

Lodz Ghetto 17/12/1941 Paula Meyer
Cannot read Hamburg
record number 19

Lodz Ghetto 7/12/41 Paula meyer
Cannot read it
record number 20

Lodz Ghetto Piete Toller 21/12
Fritz Prinz Prague
record number 21

Lodz Ghetto 21/12/ Piete Toller to
Lucie Kollin Prague
record number 22

Lodz Ghetto 21/12/1941 Victor Arend to
Jenny Kirchenberger Prague
record number 23

Lodz Ghetto Emil Altschul to
Robert Pick Prague
record number 24

Lodz Ghetto 8/12/1941 F. Cymerman to
L. Cymerman Warsaw
record number 25

Lodz Ghetto 7/12/1941 Heinz Cibulski to
Gert Schonfeld Berlin
record number 26

Lodz Ghetto 7/12/1941 H. Cibulski to
Herrn & Frau Emil Becker
record number 27

Lodz Ghetto 7/12/1941Cibulski to
Kurt Pinkus Berlin Charlottenburg
record number 28

Lodz Ghetto 17/12/1941 Hilda Abeles to her mother
Frau Herma Abeles
record number 29

Lodz Ghetto 17/12/1941 Hilda Abeles to her boyfriend
Georg Kraus Prague
record number 30

Lodz Ghetto 18/12/1941 Marianne Adler to
Frau Steffi Kalal Prague
record number 31

Lodz Ghetto 18/12/1941 Jaroslaw Adler to
Frau Berta Werner
record number 32

Lodz Ghetto 17/1/1942 H. Frankenthal to his brother
M. Frankenthal in Wiesengrund R.A.B.
record number 33

Lodz Ghetto 6/12/1941Meta Cohn to
Reichsvertretung den Juden
record number 34

Lodz ghetto 9/12/ Meta Cohn to
Frau Olga Segelman Hamburg
record number 35

Lodz Ghetto 7/12/ 1941 Julius Israel Cohn to
Adolf Tsay Koln (Cologne)
record number 36

Lodz Ghetto 19/12 1941 Georg Schrotter to
Dr. Claire Suss Wien
record number 37

Lodz Ghetto 17/12/1941 Julius Israel Mund to
Dr. Stefan Israel Stern Wien
record number 38

Lodz Ghetto Oskar Muller to
Ing. Georg Nenschiller Wien
record number 39

Lodz Ghetto 16/12/1941 Martha Meyer to
Frau Marg. Jacobsohn
record number 40

Lodz Ghetto 18/12/1941 Moritz Mailitz to
Hermann Bauer Berlin-Charlottenburg
record number 41

Lodz Ghetto 1/12/ Julius Israel Mund to
Abel Adolf Reiss Wien
record number 43

Lodz Ghetto 18/12/1941 Hedwig Muller to
Fam. Else Kessler Wien
record number 44

Lodz Ghetto 15/12/ L. Mandelbaum to his grandparents
David Blum Sosnowiec
record number 45

Lodz Ghetto 18/12/ E, Michrowska to
Ginenola Lewkowicz Sosnowiec
record number 46

Lodz Ghetto Siegen Mitele ??
Frau Rosa Steppulen
record number 47

Lodz Ghetto 2/1/1942 Ludwig Israel Mayer to
Dr. Magnus Israel Mattisiohn Berlin
record number 48

Lodz Ghetto 19/12/41 Albert Israel Meyer To
Fraulein Inge Kasper Koln (Cologne)
record number 49

Lodz Ghetto 18/12 1941 Paula Sara Moses to
Siegfried Abraham
record number 50

Lodz Ghetto Elsa & Erna Mayer
Arthur Mayer
record number 51

Lodz Ghetto 19/12/1941 H. Mandelsohn to
Pauline Mandelsohn
record number 52

Postcards posted without any writing as a sign of identification by receiver but never delivered sen
to David Faktor into the Ghetto
record number 53

Postcard without writing posted in the hope of giving sign of life to receiver
Never Posted
record number 54

Postcards were encouraged to be written but never posted
D. Factor
record number 1

Lodz Ghetto 18/12/1941 J. Markus to her father
N. Zmigrad Sosnowitz
record number 42