Ghetto ID
died in ghetto on 16 June 1944 - worked in the timber mill- his real profession was textile worker.
Ghetto Lodz
Kuperman Michal
record number 1

Ghetto ID
Ghetto ID
Transported from Lodz Ghetto 14/6/1944 for extermination
Rapaport Icek
record number 2

Ghetto ID
Ghetto ID worked as a seemstress in Lodz Ghetto evacuation unknown
Rapaport Chana Laja
record number 3

Ghetto ID
Ghetto ID worked as a handbag maker. On the 23/6/1944 transported for extermination Age 16
Gutentag Frymeta
record number 4

Ghetto ID
Ghetto ID Worked in the ghetto as a seemstress evacuation unknown
Dawidowicz Estera
record number 5

Ghetto ID
Ghetto ID Worked in Ghetto as a Machinist evacuation unknown
Kupfer Rachela
record number 6

Ghetto ID
Ghetto ID workertransported for extermination 19/9/1944
Nordon Mendel
record number 7

1/9/ 1942 registered in Lodz after evacuation from Lask.
1915 DOB-26/12/1942 change of address in Ghetto and again on the 26/6/1943
Kufert Perla
record number 8

Ghetto address Register
Born in Grojce reg. into the Ghetto with 4 family members 19/5/1940
Dobraszklanka Chana maiden name Greber
record number 9

Ghetto address register
Born in Ciechocin-Parents name,Mordka Mendel & Chaja from Lubicz
Dobraszklanka David
record number 10

Ghetto address register
Born in Lodz mothers name Chawa
Dobraszklanka Fajga
record number 11

Ghetto address register
born in Dobrzyn the daughter of Zalman & Malka Hochberg
Dobraszklanka Ruchla
record number 12

Ghetto address register
Born in Rypin Parents Mojshe & Ester Ruchel
Dobraszklanka Szaja
record number 13

Postcard 18/12/41
Postcards were encouraged to be written but never posted
D. Factor
record number 14

Lodz Ghetto 18/12/1941 J. Markus to her father
N. Zmigrad Sosnowitz
record number 15

Ghetto Marriage Cert.
Eric Eisig the son of Juda & Frida Sara nee Engel born 25/4/1907 Berlin to Edith Joseph daughter of
Moritz & Roza nee Hoffmann born 3/2/1906 Berlin. Married on 10/1/1942 Lodz Ghetto
Eric Max Israel Eisig to Edith Sara Joseph
record number 16

Kennkarte (Ghetto ID)
This I.D. issued 21 March 1942 was a rarity &vaidated until 31/3/1947
Holcmann Dawid-Jozef
record number 17

Polish Passport
Passport issued for the purpose of travel
Szejma Aron Lewin
record number 18

Announcement 394
All evacuees Bread vegetable & ration cards to be returned under receipt
People using the above will be placed on a special list & will be heavily fined
record number 19

Announcement 313
Children born between 1929-41 will be checked for chicken-pox imunisation
Children that have not been immunised will have their ration cards taken away
record number 20

Announcement 313
Same announcement as previous one in German this one in Yiddish
record number 21

Announcement 393
Kitchens meals have again been established and any person that6 uses an evacuees I.D. to obtain an
extra meal will be punished by a jail sentence, hard labor. Or have his ration card requisitioned
record number 22

Announcement 221
Dated 26/2/41 Any food parcels arriving in the Ghetto will be requisitioned for the benefit of all
Ghetto inhabitants
record number 23

Announcement 221
Dated 26/2/41 same as previous with German as well
record number 24

Announcement 342
For all new re-settled into the Ghetto a special office has been established under the management
of Mr. Henryk Neftalik
record number 25

Announcement 342
Dated 3/12/1941 Same as previous one in Yiddish
record number 26

Dated 27/11/41 To all the new re-settled that have arrived with furs of all sorts I advice that such
items will be evalued and bought by our Bank and cash paid on the spot for the furs
record number 27

same as previous one but in German
record number 28

Announcement 283
From25/6 until 30 June in the bread and grocery stores there will be half kilo of beetroot (without
water) 200gr.peas 100gr.salt 100gr oil 100gr white sugar 100gr brown sugar 50gr soup vegetables for sale
record number 29

Announcement 342
record number 30

Announcement 393
4 orders given on this Announc. 1) Kitchens will start work. 2) Return of ration cards of re-settled
3) trading in food & heating matter will be fined. The house watchers are responsible for padlocking the homes of the resettled against pilfering
record number 31

Announcement 244
In Yidd. Pol.& Ger under strict order on 5/4/41 that all lights have to be darkened & no lighting to
be seen outside whether in a private home or in a workplace.
record number 32

Announcement 244
In Polish and Yiddish
record number 33

Announcement 349
4 January 1942 Ration Card
record number 34

Announcement 293
20/7/1941 offer to purchase all sorts of sowing machines
record number 35

Announcement 293
20/7/1941 Offer of purchase of sowing machines
record number 36

Announcement 253
record number 37

Announcement 253
Very Strict cleanliness order
record number 38

Instruction 389
Further to the instructions 388 from the 4/7/42 notice is given that all hidden or left
behind valuables have to be reported soonest and no fine is anticipated
record number 39

Ghetto Newspaper
Yiddish Ghetto newspaper dated 20/6/1941
record number 40

Lodz Ghetto Money
record number 41

Lodz Ghetto Money
record number 42

Ghetto Calendar 1944
record number 43

Part of Calendar 1942
record number 44

Chetto Calendar 1942
record number 45